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Chan over 3 years

Driver drives very fast. He almost hit animals on the street.

Nathalie over 3 years

The Driver was just horrible. He was just honking the whole time. There was not even a reason to do so. Permanently honking for 6h can realy get on you

Mk over 3 years

The driver was driving too fast especially in the forest area where he was driving on the left overtaking other vehicles and not being able to see oncoming traffic around corners. It made me car sick!! Too many stops for no real reason.

Na over 3 years

Young driver speed

yes over 3 years

The road is a disgrace of course. The driving was fast but not crazy.

Duncan stewart over 3 years

The bus left late. And the driver drove like a maniac. Have driven many countries before but this guy took too many risks. Won't use service again.

Kuba over 3 years

Took PP-Mondulkiri. Decent ride, no issues, no delays, was a Ford van, a bit worn out, but with good AC, ok seats and ok legroom. Could improve by allowing to book specific seats online like other bus companies.

Timothy Scott about 4 years

Driver took way too many risks. Also, they dropped 5 individual people off. Way too many stops!

Marine about 4 years

Trajet qui s'est bien passé, court, rapide et confortable. Je ne me suis pas sentie en insécurité comme sur les trajets longs. Je recommande les minivans pour trajets courts seulement.

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