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Traveller 86522 almost 2 years

Staff moved me from my selected seat to the front middle without asking. I did not like watching the driver make dangerous passes in the left lane. Next time please honor customer requests.

Traveller 99101 almost 2 years

Traveller 108075 almost 2 years

Traveller 161288 almost 2 years

NANG EAINT EAINT KHAM almost 2 years

Just the car has problem after one hour ride. But they arrange to combine with second van. Over all nice. Thanks.

Traveller 160036 almost 2 years

Traveller 159950 almost 2 years

Cindy almost 2 years

Great trip with a careful driver. It was my 1st night trip in a minivan, & I was a little nervous, but all was great and very relaxing.

Kit Elen almost 2 years

Best Service

LEBOIS almost 2 years

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