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Traveller 237735 about 1 year

Miguel about 1 year

The driver stoped a few times just for him… or to snack or to go to toilet but just himself and not even unlock the door. So we couldn’t leave the bus even if we wanted to or if there was some emergency situation.

Ottar Olsen about 1 year

The driver drove like he was chased by the police!. Didn't like the forced use of facemask!

Lukas about 1 year

Traveller 234723 about 1 year

Suzanne about 1 year

New and clean van with good ac setting (not too hot, not too cold), safe driving and minimum stops, arrival on time.

Traveller 198364 about 1 year

Friendly staff smoothly trip recommend to use this transportation

Louise about 1 year

0 about 1 year

0 about 1 year

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