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Traveller 122851 5 months

Traveller 238454 6 months

Traveller 238454 6 months

Please check on staff’s behavior and attitude during this sleeping bus because he acted like we are poor and take a bus without appropriate paying. Such poor attitude!!!

SokHeng 6 months

The cleanliness and most comfortable night bus in Cambodia! I fail asleep for the entire trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap without disturb. The bed are large enough and can be fit to both local and foreign size,very comfortable. Best companion night bus!

Traveller 245558 8 months

Comfortable trip

Heng Kimtay 9 months

Bus departure should not wait for the passengers who late arrival or not arrived at the station on time.

Traveller 166663 9 months

Good service, I was late for the bus and they called and wait for me. Thankk you

Traveller 246550 9 months

Great trip on the night bus. Made it in 5.5 hours.

Traveller 243990 9 months

very comfortable, slept almost the whole way! they gave us pillows and a blanket each! highly recommend.

Son 9 months

So comfortable with my friend. Clean, have electricity, water, blanket, light. I would like to ride again. I wish the night bus depart around midnight.

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