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dwhitedurango 5 months

I was concerned about the reckless driving reviews for Meanchey Express, but I thought everything was fine--this is just the way they drive in Cambodia. We left on time and arrived a little over 6 hours later--lots of traffic and road repair issues.

Steve cullingford-Agnew 6 months

I thought the driving was reckless and very dangerous so I will not be travelling from Battambang to Siem Reap with you. The office staff in phnom Pehn changed the dear when I asked why he just yawned only smiling when he was on his mobile phone

Traveller 10394 6 months

This driver is not qualified to be a driver for such fancy VIP van. His attitude seem to not care about customer inside the van. I strongly recommend that he shall educated more from Management Team or else just fire him.

Traveller 10394 6 months

Driver so rude. Doesn't know how to drive.

Traveller 10394 6 months

Driver driving so rude, never know traffic law in Cambodia.

Marcus 6 months

OK, so we did arrive on time and actually a bit early. But would have preferred 30 min later and the driver could have slow down a bit.

C B 7 months

I had no idea that my seat would have such restricted leg room, as the tallest person on the bus I had the least space. Other seats offered lots. Please improve your website to show this information. I could have used another company at another time.

Traveller 80113 7 months

Great trip: music not too loud; airco just fine and a very fast journey of 5.30 minutes. I recomnand this bus.

Traveller 60021 7 months

Traveller 60021 7 months

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