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Rob Taylor 3 months

A flawless trip arrived which left on time and arrived early.

Soum Sopheak 6 months

good service, The diver was politely.

Traveller 192137 6 months

Traveller 184797 8 months

Traveller 248042 8 months

Traveller 239465 9 months

Nel Family 9 months

Excellent driver, clean bus. Seats are very narrow (smaller that economy flight seats) and legroom limited. If you taller than 5.5 ft your knees will touch the seat in front. If you are taller make sure you books seats in the front.

Jeanne 9 months

Good driving, punctual. The minivan seemed to have a mechanical problem (cooling) but driver managed it well. Broken airway above my seat but the van was almost empty so we could seat elsewhere. Overall, good and efficient trip

Watermelon 9 months

Our car broke down twice on the road, and it took twice as long to reach the destination.

Frank Scarfone 9 months

The driver stopped at least 10 times to pick up and drop off random people on the way

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