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KIMHAK 13 days

As a feedback it’s a very low quality lack of responsibility. I bought 7b which is the front row. They came late more than 30mn and just let me go sit where ever the seats were free. I bought night bus expected a sleeping bus but it is just a nor sitting.

Darith about 1 month


Sivping Chhour about 1 month

Traveller 109349 about 1 month

Traveller 108539 about 1 month

Worse service at the station. Using rude words and no responsible on their work. At least the driver is so friendly nice and helpful.

Traveller 105454 2 months

Traveller 105454 2 months

អៃ ឡេង 2 months

Thank you

Sreysokvisal Hang 3 months

Traveller 101875 4 months

តារាងដាក់ចេញម៉ោង 7 ម៉ោង9នៅក្នុងភ្នំពេញនៅឡើយ ដាក់ថាឡានជិះអត់ឈប់ញ៊រញ៉េ រញ៉ៃទេ តែឈប់រហូតដាក់មនុស្សដាក់ឥវ៉ាន់តាមផ្លូវឥល្ហែ ទំរាំដល់កោះកុងម៉ោងជិត 4 សុីម៉ោងចុយតាម្រាយហើយ ម៉ែអាណា ភ្នំពេញ-កោះកុងជិះ 8-9ម៉ោង

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