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Laei about 2 months

Departure wrong tag , Information for bus type also get wrongly . Please renew your website ...

Samantha about 2 months

The bus ride took 9+ hours. We kept stopping every twenty minutes. Myself and 5 others got off the bus outside Sihanoukville and paid for a tuktuk because we would have been on the bus for another hour.

Dalen about 2 months

suppose to leave at 11pm but leave around 12pm instead. receptionist don't tell clear information and a bit rude

Traveller 86793 about 2 months

They never arrange properly on the delivery things. They let the passengers waited too long. Finally, the arrival time late 1 hour. This was very irritated.

Traveller 86793 about 2 months

Hi , I had used the service using BookMeBus long time ago. This was a first time for me to experience with bad service with this transport company. It was very irritated. First, seat number were overlap. Second, bus collect people all on the way.

Traveling from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap about 2 months

Travelling on this bus is not great but if you plan to travel by bus there one might not get enough options. People are really kind and good and somehow able to communicate using google translate

Sovankiry Ros about 2 months

Sovankiry Ros about 2 months

Miguel about 2 months

The bus arrived 1h and a half late and nobody could tell me when or which bus was mine. The luggage had to be taken with us inside because the storage was too full, there were more people inside than the max capacity so some were sleeping on the floor

Smey about 2 months

Very bad. Not recommend to use this company. The staff is rude, and I book night sleeping bus, but when the time come they said have only seat bus, so everyone spend the whole night with uncomfortable. The worst travelling ever!!!!

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