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Voeun Udomveasna 7 months

Steven chhuo 7 months

1. Saly VIP I am strongly not recommended ( poor of service ) 2. Can not solve the problem and not pick up phone when I find solutions.

Un BUNSAKADA 7 months

តៃកុងឡានបើកលឿនខ្លាំង។ ផ្លូវខាងស្ដាំមិនជិះទេជិះផ្លូវខាងឆ្វេងរហូត។ សុវត្ថិភាពភ្ញៀវសំខាន់ជាងអ្វីៗទាំងអស់ កយំព្រោះតែចង់ដល់វេនទាន់តាមពេលវេលាយកសុវត្តិភាពភ្ញៀវមកលេងសើចចឹង 😡😡😡

Yen Seyha 8 months

Brilliant service!!

SS 8 months

Traveller 98153 8 months

The bus never picked me up or called me. I am in the process of trying to get a refund.

Traveller 33679 8 months

ឡាន​ចេញ​យឺត​ ១​ ម៉ោង​កន្លះ​។ ចេញ​ពី​ភ្នំពេញ​ម៉ោង​ 3:30PM មកដល់​សៀមរាប​ 8:00PM (4.5hr)​ អ្នក​បេីក​បរ​ជាន់​លឿនៗ​ដូច​បន្ទាន់​ទៅ​ណា។ the worst experience ever. 👎🏻

Traveller 58482 9 months

Traveller 58482 9 months

I have no comment for this vip van company. Their management is very good.

drw 9 months

No problem with the transport. My pick up point was earlier than I expected.

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