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Vanya about 4 years

Stefan Schäfer over 4 years

Boardingpoint was not correct. We booked a VIP-Van and got a bad bus. The drivetime was confirmed from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. We drove from 2 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (!)

Completely unacceptable over 5 years

Never using them again.The website leads you to believe they are a bus company but in fact, you don’t travel with their vehicles. 0.5 hours late leaving, 2 hours late arriving. em samang employee put me on a public bus, charged $13 when it costed them $3

Proseu almost 6 years

I book by your website. When I arrive at Samang station at Pratunam I have to wait 30 mn more. He did like I am begging him for the car. I can not plan for my next drive cuz his late departure. All my plan were ruin by him.

Thomas almost 6 years

Bus driver was checked by boss for excess speed. Boss called me. Great! Driving team were VERY LOUD talking. I lost sleep because of sudden loud laughter. VERY BAD FOR A "SLEEPING" BUS! The driver was unsafe when passing other vehicles....

Árni Olsen about 6 years

We got scammed on the border with Cambodia, went to exchange currency and we got told to change everything to Cambodian Riel and we lost tons of money from exchanging.

Lisa about 6 years

B K about 6 years

When I booked, I was told I could change it. It took almost 3 hours of walking to find them (they even sent me away to someone else at one point- Intentional??). The owner or manager refused a change and became belligerent. I just walked away. I didn’t go

Lisa about 6 years

It was unacceptable and I wouldn‘t book with this company again. We had to wait for over 2 hours. After arriving at the Em Samang Agency they let us wait for 1 hour.Then a tuk tuk driver drove us to the public bus terminal.There we waited for 1+hour again

markku moilanen about 6 years

very good journey

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