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HCM-PNH 16OCT17 3 months

Too many stops and to pick many passengers on way, under my seats put all water so difficult to put my legs freely. Driver always drive and call phones so it's scary to accidents if he drive one hand with big bus like this. Inspector didn't care in bus.

hemu 4 months

ajp 5 months

Jeffery 5 months

Seat is a little bit small for 185lbs man. You will touch other's shoulder easily.

Roman 6 months

BE AWARE with VISA at the boarder 6 months

The bus inspector was nice UNTIL we were at the boarder to get our visa. I was about to give my passeport and fill out a form, then the bus inspector told me to go see anothe guy, who finally charged me 15 usd extra! Someone told me they split commissions

Jarrett 7 months

Convenient location and punctual service, but the bus was old and the aircon did not work well.

Cam 8 months

A decent and clean bus this time, but have had some clunkers on this trip.

Céline Martin 8 months

baksheesh 10 months

Older bus but no hassles, even the border went relatively smooth. Stops near airport & shuttled rest of the way in a taxi.

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