Traveler reviews for Ratanak Sambath Express Transportation

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Traveller 94730 over 3 years

Super bad smell, space is very cramped, not clean. It's like a nightmare on this bus.

Alexa over 3 years

The bus never showed up. We had to catch a Taxi

Sven over 3 years

Bus came 45min late from rattanakiri. Was dirty. Took forever. With random stops and waiting for another mini van from the opposite direction to pick something up or talk.

Nora Seng over 3 years

S over 3 years

Bus was 2 hours late and very cramped.

Claire P over 3 years

I booked a seat in a van from banlung to PP and we were dropped at Kratie to another van that was horrible: no AC, windows broken, the driver was going very fast and never stopped for toilets, the rain was coming inside the van and he had no wipers...

Hana over 3 years

The space was very cramped and smelly. Not very clean.

Traveller 106045 over 3 years

Traveller 106045 over 3 years

Traveller 97359 over 3 years

Unacceptable services. The van departed 1.5 hours late. The driver was very rude. I booked number 4-5 seats but ended up sitting at the back because the driver brought in a motorbike and kept it at my original seats. Very poor! Not recommended!

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