Traveler reviews for Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express

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French over 4 years

The driver was punctual but we felt unsecure because he was driving crazy (driving fast and horning at every car he overtook).

Gina over 4 years

Some delay because of the goods wich did not fit easy in the bus. And a lot of stopt to drop/pick up packets.

V over 4 years

This bus company is excellent! There may be late departures sometimes, but all else is quite good

Unsafe drive but on time over 4 years

The driver drove crazy all way long. Its behaviour was really risky and put all passengers in danger several times! I would have preferred arriving 1 hour later but being way safer during the trip.

1234 over 4 years

Rotanak over 4 years

TCT bus seats are not as comfortable as they used to be.

Elodie over 4 years

Horrible ! It's a shame to treat peoples like that! No place for our legs ! Even our arms ! Because the van was full of luggages. I don't recommend at all! 6 jours like that it's hell!

Antoine over 4 years

Jana over 4 years

The driver drove kind of fast at times but overall excellent service!

Kath over 4 years

Everything is great just tiny space for long leg, and driver drive too fast... Risk my life to Mondulkiri

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