Traveler reviews for Ekareach Express from Kampot to Phnom Penh

VLAM over 2 years

Bus was on time. Good waiting area at bus stop. Clean van. Good service. Free water. Couple of random stops on the way to pick up local people. BUT the driver was going insanely fast which was too dangerous. Journey took 3:30 h

Zaneta over 2 years

We got little water. One stop for toilet. Everything was on time, no other unexpected stops

Liao Pi Hui over 2 years

I and my family took Ekreache from Kompot to Phnom Penh. The seats were OK. The driver was good on the day, nothing wrong. The getting on broad place is easy to find and the dropping off point as well. Only one that the space for luggage is not big enough

Rob Hughes over 2 years

Left 3 minutes early. Arrive at expected time. The driver was good on difficult roads after recent flood damage to the area. Because it's a transit van the bags can be piled a bit close to the passengers in the rear seats, so book other seats if not full.

Katerina over 2 years

The trip went fine and in the timing!

Mark Hinchman over 2 years

Left on time. Courteous service, one bathroom / snack stop. Not luxurious, but comfortable. Would be difficult with a lot of luggage. Driver dropped us off at the airport. Faster than the train. They provided a small bottle of water. I'd do this again.

Kimchheng almost 3 years

Smell gasoline on the car whole trip, and the aircon seems not work!!!

Very pleasant almost 3 years

A good driver and was on time. Arrived an hour later in PP but that was only because of the traffic in PP. We had 1 stop during the trip and it was perfect.

Speedy and efficient almost 3 years

Speedy and efficient transport - would book the service again...

Jennifer87 about 3 years

This is a safe, respectable, and reliable bus company. Kind employees, and safe driving — much better than other bus companies I tried in Cambodia!