Traveler reviews for Virak Buntham from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh

Ines and Alexandra about 2 years

THIS WAS THE WORST COMPANY OF BUSES I HAVE EVER USED. What a disapointment. We paid for a LUXURY BUS from Siem Reap DIRECTLY to Ho Chi Minh. They stopped 3 HOURS in the middle of the night in Phnom Phen and they changed us to a local bus. NEVER AGAIN.

George Smith over 2 years

Horrible and unreliable service

Camille Gayle over 2 years

Waited 3 hours for the transferring of bus in Phnom Penh

Rochel Loyola over 2 years

Very disappointed i didnt get what i actually paid for. Sleeper bus turn to a night of sleepless journey. The person at the counter in Phnom Penh was sleeping and we have to wake him up to ask for information. NO TRANSFER is a BIG JOKE.

Rochel Loyola over 2 years

I booked online and get unsatisfactory rather i didn’t get any information to what to expect on my journey.we left 10:30pm in siem reap was ask to alight at phnom penh at 3:30pm clueless with what happen to sleeper bus ride and wait for 6:30am saigon trip

river chou almost 3 years

change the schedule without informing us and let us wait extra six hours because of their own fault.

Worthless communication and 5 hours delay about 3 years

We took a ‘direct connection’ from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City. We were dropped in Phnom Penh; no communication (bags were on the street..) waited from 4 am to 10.30 am until we headed in another bus (no luxury at all broken chairs and too many people).

Robynn about 3 years

Left Siem Reap on time but they did not tell us that we will be dropped at Phnom Penh. Stayed at the bus terminal in PP for 4 hrs before we were transferred to a different bus company called KHAI NAM. Their bus is very old and they said Virak "Cheat you".

Tjt1972 over 3 years

I booked a direct journey but had to wait 2.5 hours between destination and then put on another bus company coach that was a really old bus and no wifi.

NOT WHAT I PAID FOR!! over 3 years

I paid for a sleeper bus and I didn't get that all throughout! We were only in a sleeper bus for the first 6hrs, Siem Reap - Pnom Penh. After that, we were transferred to an uncomfortable bus for 8 FVCKING HOURS. NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!!