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Frachon over 5 years

Annelies over 5 years

We were never informed about the fact that we would have to change 2 times to another bus, despite the (way too inpolite and fast) explanation in the Siem Reap office. The 1st driver was a disaster: careless, fast, disrespecful. The others were better.

Alright I guess over 5 years

Packed a 12 person bus with 19 people and huge bags of rice and other things. The one bathroom break was at a huge open field. No where for my fiancé to use the restroom. Lunch at the transfer spot was good. After that the vans were good.

Juuso over 5 years

No complains, the bus was on time on Asian standards and crossing the border went without surprises.

Balint Lazar over 5 years

Everything was fine except that the driver stopped in the middle of nowhere after 3-4 hours to pee without asking us if we would need to as well.

Andy over 5 years

We waited around for a bit longer than we would have liked at the various transfer points but overall the service & communication from AVT was very good.

Susanne over 5 years

Water provided. Confusion because they switched to a partner company with non-English speaking staff. The trip was overbooked, we made the 1. stretch in a car - 6 of us in the 2 back rows! 2. stretch in a coach. With that seat reservations were nullyfied.

Hurstel almost 6 years

Vert good organisation ! I Will do positiv recommandation

R.leng about 6 years

Do not book this bus (Kratie to Siem Riep) you will get kicked off the bus for 4 hours in a nowhere place in the north of Cambodia then put on another bus and not get your seats. There are cheaper direct buses. Awful trip.

May about 6 years

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