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Traveller 60778 over 4 years

Traveller 53941 over 4 years

Kathryn over 4 years

The driver was nice, provided an unexpected breakfast, comfortable bus/ van

Tara over 4 years


Matteo Ambrosini almost 5 years

Streets very shit.. so no arrive in time.. but all people know the situation in cambodia now, traffic and street very bad

Never arrived almost 5 years

They never arrived. Wouldn’t answer their phones. Still won’t respond to emails. DO NOT BOOK WITH BOKOR TRANSPORT. Not hopeful we’ll get our money back for a service that never happened. Useless pricks

Nic Flowers almost 5 years

Bokor transport were great. Nice comfortable bus with seat belts. Driver very nicely dressed, polite and friendly. The trip (with any company) is not 3 hours, it is closer to 4. There is a lot of traffic and the road very rough. Would go with Bokor again

Pich Ly about 5 years

A van arrived on time and a driver is friendly, kind and give us for recommendation to do in Kompot. Moreover, wifi was so fast.

Marta over 5 years

Driver was very nice and friendly, he brought us delicious breakfast from the hotel and water as well! Driving safely! I recommend ! The only thing is when you are leaving from Phonm Penh there is no office of this company,the bus is leaving from hotel

Cecile over 5 years

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