BookMeBus Referral System

As an added perk for buying bus tickets with BookMeBus, passengers have the ability to earn a bit more whenever they share their great experience to friends. Through the BookMeBus referral system, travelers are able to earn with every ticket a referred friend has purchased.

How to join the BookMeBus Referral System?

Only registered users are able to join the BookMeBus referral system. To register, users can open an account by clicking on the following link Register Account.

Once registered, users can click on Settings on the upper right side of the page. Click on “Invite Friends” to access the Share URL.

To see your earnings grow through the referral system, share the URL or link in the Invite Friends page to your friends and family members.

How do I track my earnings?

You can be sure that the BookMeBus referral system works well. To ensure that you have visibility, we have the Referral Earning page which shows the list of transactions made. You can also see your Available Fee and Total Pending Fee in the same page.

How much do I earn per referral?

You can earn an income of USD 1.00 every time your friends book and pay for a single ticket.

What is the difference between Available Fee and Total Pending Fee?

Available Fee is the total amount that you have earned from your referrals, which can be settled or paid out. The minimum amount for payout is $20.00. Anything less than this is not available. You can avail of your earnings by calling our call center: (+855)78 989 696.

On the other hand, Total Pending Fee is the total amount that you have earned, but has not matured. By this, we mean that once you earn your fee, it takes 7 days after the referral bookings before it is added into the Available Fee total.