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Cade almost 5 years

Far from a VIP bus. In fact this was the worst bus experience we had in SEA. Small cramped seats with little leg room. There were so many additional bags and boxes that you couldn’t put your feet on the floor. Air Con was barely working. Never book!!

piseth Chea almost 5 years

ជិះឡានសាងបន្ត អត់ចូលចិត្តសោះ ឈប់ជិះហើយ លាហើយខេមបូត្រា ភ្នំពេញមកប៉ោយប៉ែត

Traveller 59349 almost 5 years

Traveller 64012 almost 5 years

Seat is a bit small

Dy Nasophanath about 5 years

soo about 5 years

The van was good and convenient, but have to confirm with and the bus company.

Jacqueline and Dennis about 5 years

Clean bus but we can't see out the windows as the seats are so high/windows too low!! This is such a shame. We were 45 minutes late. Good stops.

Sjon about 5 years

Very nice trip, good driver, great seats, only dirty windows, good to check our seats as 3a and b not in the bench in the back, no view and crappy places

Brett over 5 years

The driver was a bit crazy in regard to overtaking but that’s Cambodia for you. We managed to get to the destination within half an hour of eta with 2 stops. Van was quite new and seats were pretty comfortable.

Phavita Vee over 5 years

คนขับขับรถเร็วและหวาดเสียว ไม่แจ้งผู้โดยสารเวลาจอดพักว่าจะให้กินข้าวกี่นาที บีบแตรเร่ง อาหารที่จุดพักรถดูไม่น่ากิน ราคาแพงและไม่อร่อย

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