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L about 4 years

Speedy and efficient about 4 years

Speedy and efficient transport - would book the service again...

Christine about 4 years

We start punctuality, but their was now WiFi. And the bus was old and not very clean and there was not much space. The driver drove very fast. We had a lot of stoops, thats fine. If the driver speaks English you can go of, where you want.

Poramey Choeun about 4 years

Driving way too fast feel unsafe. I will not ride again ever.

Susanne about 4 years

Totally okay.

anonymous about 4 years

We booked front seats as we are tall people and need some leg space. However, we were forced into the back row, cramped together.

Displayname about 4 years

Jennifer87 about 4 years

This is a safe, respectable, and reliable bus company. Kind employees, and safe driving — much better than other bus companies I tried in Cambodia!

Silvina over 4 years

we left Kampot on time, got to Phonm Penh a bit out of schedule due to Phonm Penh traffic, good ride overall

Silvina over 4 years

we left from Phonm Penh to Kampot in time, got there in 3 hs. Perfect!

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