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Traveller 56084 over 4 years

very good

Lenar over 4 years

The van was overload, the driver allowed one passenger to share sit.

PUNG over 4 years

Driver delay ride for 2hrs to wait for his friends. If you're in an emergency this ride is not for you.

Traveller 54631 over 4 years

I could sleep very well during the trip. Thank Reaksmey; a good driver.

Traveller 54631 over 4 years

Just a little concern about the car company increases number of chairs and seats numbers changed. So, we didn’t get where we want to sit. Thanks for see the comments.

Traveller 12232 over 4 years

Driver seems have no customer service once talking with passenger and he drives too fast without caring any accident occur on the road.

LR over 4 years

Really good and safe driving

Alex Hawkins over 4 years

Trip was good. Timely and safely arrived at my destination. However. There was no WiFi as advertised and little air conditioning. But overall a good trip. Thank you

Traveller 51814 over 4 years

Alexander over 4 years

1. There was no WiFi 2. The bus driver drove very dangerous, going over 100 km/h, and outruning others by driving median strip where it's forbidden 3.We got a window broken on a way, and the driver drove with it and broken glass was falling inside bus

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