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Scott Howlett over 5 years

Very unhappy. We were not informed that the boat was going from another location so we missed it and had to wait 3 hours. I bought a ticket to SokSan beach but we were left at the main Koh Rong wharf and had to pay for 3 motorbikes to our destination.

Federico over 5 years

john montebello over 5 years

They arrived on time. However, they did not leave from the pier as mentioned, instead we were placed in a mini van and taken to a different place to boatd.

Steph33 over 5 years

Not clear about departure and pick up. Finally, we arrived and left Ko Rong Samloen from another pier at 3 kilometres to our hôtel. For the return, we arrived at a pier far away from the city so we must pay a tuck tuck. Be careful but finally good trip.

Steph33 over 5 years

We take the boat one hour and half late and the same for the return trip.

Paul Coveney over 5 years

A bit late leaving. Not clear about departure and pick up points but ok overall in the end.

Paul Coveney over 5 years

Very dangerous driver. Cramped small bus. On both buses I went on WIFI did not exist. Don't advertise trained drivers (trained in what!?) and WIFI if it doesn't exist.

Jack over 5 years

Very poor service from this company. They cancelled the original boat I booked but didn't tell me, then put us on a boat via Buva. The boat had far too many people on and was not safe. Dispite people raising concerns the staff did nothing to reassure us.

Jonathan Tan over 5 years

Good customer service. The boat is punctual from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong Samleon, but too many stops on the return trip. stopped at too many islands.

Cowboys almost 6 years

All a bit haphazard getting on the ferry - leap of faith to get on ferry from jetty (couple of feet above and no adequate plank). No advice of what jetty we were pulling into. I think the nbr of bags we had caused 1 staff to tell us Saracen Bay. Trip OK

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