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Piseth almost 4 years

Good Service and Punctuality is alway prioritized.

Traveller 92539 almost 4 years

Traveller 54764 almost 4 years

Traveller 37071 almost 4 years

Please fix ur AC, it’s damn hot! I was totally sweat!

Caryl almost 4 years

We left in time and arrived early. We were dropped off at our guesthouse 😁 after a rest break. The van was clean but leg room was scrunched.

Phanith Ouch about 4 years

ឡានស្អាត សេវាកម្មល្អ

Amy over 4 years

Really good driver, smooth and safe driving, we even arrived at our destination slightly earlier than expected

Traveller 79506 over 4 years

car not ontime

Traveller 96099 over 4 years

Good ride. over 4 years

They were using the bus to transport lots of stuff, so we couldn't put our bags underneath, but other than that, a good, uneventful ride. They were happy to drop me off as close to my hotel as possible.

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