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Traveller 61906 about 21 hours

Traveller 210555 1 day

stop to many times first 2 times to pick up more passages then stop at bakery to buy food then stop gas station then stop again on the road to buy duck for passenger ? what if this shopping trip ?

1 3 days


Robin 5 days

Au top comme nos trois dernier trajets. Seul bémol est le fait que de prendre et déposer des personnes sur l’itinéraire ce qui rallonge le temps du trajet

R 5 days

Driver drove too fast and did dangerous passing. Also made several phone calls while driving. He had phone in one hand, paper with phone number in the other hand, and drove at the same time.

Traveller 99183 6 days

Traveller 207480 7 days

Traveller 204121 8 days

Traveller 204121 8 days

Traveller 204121 8 days

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