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Michael over 4 years

Good drive, nice amount of stops and got us here on time. Would recommend but please be aware this is a minibus so space is limited.

Kimhuo over 5 years

NHD over 5 years

It was a smooth ride with 2 breaks along the way. The van did stop along the way to pick up passengers but we did manage to reach Phnom Penh on time. Though the station at Phnom Penh is a bit outskirt the city.

Francesca over 5 years

Paula over 5 years

Very comfortable ride in a modern new vehicle. Excellent driver.

BTB almost 6 years

At the office they told us they did not have any service at 3pm as we booked. After discussing back and forth finally they made a call and all of a sudden they had the service but at 3,30... quite stressing. Van fullybooked without trunk was very packed.

Ren almost 6 years

On time and nice driving overall

Chansopheak Hem almost 6 years

Kim almost 6 years

Excellent service in a v clean, modern minivan. The driver was great, 2 stops made at the cleanest service stations I have ever seen and the booking process via bookmebus, with the electronic ticket provided, was perfect:)

Orlando almost 6 years

Compared to a lot of buses in Vietnam this was comfortable. Good air con, a decent amount of leg space and storage for our backpacks

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