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Livia over 5 years

The whole trip took 1.5 hours less than planned. A 20 minutes stop for bathroom and food was included in the time. The bus is ok in terms of comfortableness but very clean. We got a complimentary water bottle. The driver was fast but overall safe.

Heang Raksmey almost 6 years

My seat on email number 07 but on car number 10. what happened ?

Iris almost 6 years

Trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap went smoothly.

Sasda Noeusour almost 6 years

Just pickup many place. Let the van go and stop many time

Lars P almost 6 years

The Pick Up Service was good, the ride fast ( 4 1/2 hours instead of 6), but the AC was way too cold.

Emily almost 6 years

Everyone was very friendly and gave us a complimentary bottle of water. We left a couple minutes late, but arrived in siem reap in less than 5.5 hours. Overall it was an easy journey.

Kong Piseth about 6 years

Sinal Meas about 6 years

Driving was safe and reliable even during heavy rain. Good VIP Van with great driver.

Jbot about 6 years

We were told when we got there the departure time changed to 30 mins later - slightly annoying but fine. The AC was turned off at one point-locals on the bus complained - they turned it back on. We had 2 stops about 25mins each. Cheap but less than ideal.

Julie about 6 years

AC too cold but besides that, everything was fine

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