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Lorn Sovannridh almost 3 years

Kong Piseth almost 3 years

Traveller 60642 almost 3 years

Sela SAO almost 3 years

Traveller 67031 almost 3 years


Heng Eang almost 3 years

Rachael almost 3 years

Arrived in PP safely and with good time, but the driver stopped 3 times to pick up extra passengers, making the already cramped bus more cramped. Stopped at a ridiculously expensive restaurant, went across the road to the market instead 👍

Sela SAO almost 3 years

Puthearak Satsong almost 3 years

Traveller 63719 almost 3 years

It was overall a save trip to Phonm Penh, but i wish they could have 2 stops for the bathroom usage. We were urgently need the bathroom and the driver was told that they might not have the second stop because it is dark.Actually it was 7 pm at that time.

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