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Rider about 1 month

The trip takes a long time because the bus doesn't go directly and stops at many places to pick up passengers or collect and deliver parcels. It took nearly 6 hours from Pattaya to Poipet.

James Galbraith 4 months

I had to pay for this trip after I had paid already on site they made trip for 27th when I specifically ask for the 28th they would not be responsible for there error I have trouble with them in the past Beware they are not TRUST WORTHY at ALL

Traveller 295309 4 months

MIYAGI EIJI 4 months

It took 11hrs 30minutes. much longer than my expectation.

Traveller 292129 4 months

The actual content is different from the reservation. I booked a bus, but the minivan came.

Watch out for scammers!!!! 4 months

The journey went smoothly, a very nice gentleman guided us across the border. Everything was fine until the driver told us to get off before entering the city - there were tuk tuk drivers waiting outside to take us further for a fee of $2...obvious scam.

Mario Gutierrez 4 months

Horrible trip, will never do anymore, to border we took a small horrible bus, then we have to walk 150 Mt's with our luggages after passing boarder we went to bus, but there was not and they took us to another mini van and we have to pay $7 for luggages

Gabriel Watkins Corrigan 4 months

Border man was very helpful

Xxx 4 months

Andreu 5 months

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