Traveler reviews for KUMHO SAMCO from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh

Alex over 1 year

Our passports were taken at the border. The conductor did not explain why, as he is not fluent in English. The conductor snatched our passport from us, leaving us no choice. ISome travellers were asked to give bribes for their Visa to be processed quickly

N almost 2 years

Didn’t drop at the designated bus stop. Just somewhere walking street.

Ramon Calibara almost 2 years

I got an email confirming that we were going to be picked up at our hotwl, but only to be told in the end Kumho Samco Bus Lines refused to do so. Hadn’t I called the bus company, we could have missed our ride! I am very disappointed!

Fenny almost 2 years

Selina Aleta almost 2 years

dennis over 2 years

do not follow what my reservation I book for seat #4 but I ended up in seat #21 and the driver always using the horn

jana about 3 years

it was ok from what we experienced -traveling by buses in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia including- this was above average. However all transportation services have one thing common and so- lack of infos provided to travelers, especially not local ones.