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Gaelan 7 months

This was by far the worst "bus" experience I've ever had. Instead of a bus, they put me in a minivan and the driver proceeded to load 9 additional passengers into a car that could only hold 6 passengers. Dangerous, unhygienic, disrespectful, and insulting

Will 7 months

The bus was in very poor condition but the driver did very well.

Elodie 8 months

One of the air conditioning vents was broken.

Rojodiver 8 months

I use Vibol often. The buses are never overfilled and there's no goods being transported. Only customers luggage. So it's clean and tidy. The road to Koh Kong is heavily damaged these days, so expect a bumpy ride about 1/4 of the time.

Stops multiple times along the way to pick up more passengers 8 months

Bus only had 3 people when we left kampot. The driver stopped every chance he could get to get more passengers. There was haggling involved so it took a while. Van did not even stop for toilet break.

Beyers Rossouw 8 months

All and all a pleasant trip. Very few passengers, which helped, but still good value!

Richard 10 months

Splendid punctual service

Traveller 266629 10 months

lack of information Got taken back to the port, where we'd started. & taken a tuk tuk Provided tuktuk to Kep from Kampot. The K.Som to Kampot road is still dreadfu, (more than 2 years) l- not Vibol's fault.

Tola Sok 10 months


Lucie 10 months

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