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Abi 7 months

The driver was rude and drove while on his phone

Traveller 145428 7 months

ផ្លូវពីភ្នំពេញទៅកំពតតៃកុងបេីកឡានបន្តិចឈប់ៗ​ ម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់អត់ត្រជាក់​ ក្នុងឡានក្ដៅ so uncomfortable​ sad 😢

Jaffa 7 months

Late bus, or more probably not the bus we initially booked but nobody checked. Our seats were taken so we had to seat at the back where there's no place. The driver was horrible.

Traveller 154307 7 months

Traveller 189889 7 months

បុគ្គលិកទទួលរាក់ទាក់ល្អសម្ដីសមរម្យ ឡានរាងចាស់ កៅអីរឹង តៃកុងបើកកន្ត្រាក់ៗ បើដេកវិញបោកក្បាលដេកមិនកើត ក្នុងឡានក្ដៅបែកញើសជោកអាវ មិនដឹងថាតៃកុងមិនចង់បើកម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់ឲ្យ ឬឡានចាស់បើកខ្លាំងមិនកើត

ABC 8 months

Clive Caetano 8 months

The bus was 45 minutes late. The driver made numerous, out of the stops. The air con was weak.

yu 8 months

Traveller 18261 8 months

James clee 8 months

When I booked the bus was meant to arrive at 12:30 it did not arrive until 3:30, a whole 3 hours late, I missed my ferry. You need to change the ETA. It also used dirt roads instead of the highway. Making a 3 hours trip take 7

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