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Dana over 4 years

All went perfectly smooth! We were explained all the details of border crossing and boat trip to Don Det. One can also go to Don Khone in same trip & same price, but ask at the agency before trip starts, otherwise boat driver asks for a small extra charge

Sofie over 4 years

all in all a good trip from siem reap to stung treng, the mini van was pretty old and the driver made several stops to check the front axle. I guess something wasn't alright but he drive carefully and we made it in time.

Traveller 78937 over 4 years

Amanda over 4 years

I didn't realise so much effort went into the journey from Siem Reap to Don Det (2 buses, back of a Ute, and a boat) but the company was hassle free and got us to our destination in 8hrs.cannot complain about the service at all, was actually a fun day.

Marta 1111 over 4 years

a vehicle change was made that is not written anywhere, a vehicle occupied by 13 people including us maximum insecurity

Traveller 35561 almost 5 years

It was terrible. I have been shocked the conditions of your vans. I will never recommend your company.

us almost 5 years

We got from Pakse to Siem Reap in the correct time. However, there was a lot of confusion involved with getting off our bus into a truck to go to the border, then being left to figure out the border crossing ourselves. More clarity was needed.

Soeng Mesa about 5 years


Midway fr SR to Kratie, my 10yr old son & I were transferred to a local public van where our paid reserve seating wasn’t applicable. We weren’t informed that this was going to be the case. The local van was beat up, hot as hell and with a suicidal driver.

Thibaut about 5 years

Positive: 1 adequate seat p/p, brief at start Negative: scary driving, no information at stopover, no seatbelt, almost left without us, non-english speaking drivers, arrived 2hrs late due to border crossing, vague instructions to find the boat to DonDet

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