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Island speed ferry over 1 year

Reception in a big warehouse by a quay. Staff not very friendly so make sure u get your tickets as. QR codes on book form dont apply. But reception staff dont tell u that. Ferry was 30mins late . It's normal.vessel is clean and runs uneventful.

Catholmn over 1 year

Karsten Wigger almost 2 years

Traveller 155955 almost 2 years

Ship travelled to pickup other passengers nearby. it wasted 1h until a ship board to Sihanouk.

Dee almost 2 years

The boat left 30 minutes late and took 2 hours to get from Sihanoukville to our final destination Koh Rong Sanloem. The estimated 45 minutes is WRONG!!! 2 stops on Koh Rong before ending at KRS. If you want a faster ride take another company

Luc about 2 years

Great ticket purchase experience. As usual, boot service poorly organized at pier. Ticket mentioned to show QR code, but at last minute were told we had to go back to office to exchange for paper voucher. Last minute stress. This is 2022 isnt it?

Gary helseth over 3 years

I cancelled a week before trip as per your policy. I did not receive an answer nor a refund. I sent a second email to confirm what you were doing and still no answer. Now I get asked to rate you???

Traveller 12282 over 3 years

Staff attitudes are unacceptable,

Rachanatevy Hangchoun over 3 years

Traveller 99573 over 3 years

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