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Traveller 54801 almost 4 years

Return ferry was about 45 minutes late, but I’ve learned to expect and plan for that.

Traveller 54513 almost 4 years

Not give enough information. Need to rent taxi boat to the other pot in koh rong sonlem. Since they only stop on ope pot

Keijo almost 4 years

20 mins late departure. Boarding was confusing and unorganized. Same thing with unloading luggage from the ferry. So its pretty much expected standard service in this region.

Elizabeth about 4 years

This was SO much nicer than the other ferries! Easy ride, air-conditioned, the staff was great and super professional, and left pretty close to on time!

From Sihanoukville to Koh Rong Samloem about 4 years

The ferry left in time, arrived in time. If you book online, do not forget to grab your ticket from the local ticket office (2 min walk from the pier). I do recommend the company.

Julien about 4 years

Julien about 4 years

Traveller 2296 about 4 years

change pier without prior notice and delay the ferry 90 mins. it took me 3 hours from SHV to Heaven island while stated only 1 hour in trip info.

Oliver about 4 years

Rony Sudarmawan about 4 years

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