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Jan 12 days

The ferry was very good, but the support of bookmebus for any requests is very poor. It's the best to book the Bus and ferry with the Operator directly and manage questions for pickup etc with them.

Traveller 70179 about 2 months

The service is suck when we return from Koh Rong Sonleom back to the mainland. There were around 5 to 6 pick up from differences resort/beach from both Koh Rong and Rong Sonleom which we spent around 1 hour 30 mins just to pick up people.

E about 2 months

Punctuality is a word that doesn’t exist in Buva

Carme 2 months

The boat was 1'30 late. Nobody told us that the transfer to Kho Rong Samloem, a 30-45 min travel, will take nearly 2 h because we went not directly to our destination, but though the Kho Rong several beaches. It will help people to explain the changes

Oisin 3 months

Over email they are polite - but I’m unsure if that’s the bookmebus people or Buva Sea, I called into the Buva Sea office on Koh Rong and I was treated like dirt. The man fobbed me off and ignored me when I was asking further questions. Not impressed.

Dominic 4 months

The boat captain claimed i didn’t confirm my ticket and almost didn’t let me on the boat. Until I mentioned the hotel I came from then he finally let me me on. Should have been more of a help then being so rude.

Miranda 4 months

I booked a 45 minute ferry which took 2 hours. I almost missed my next booked boat to mad monkeys. We first boarded one boat them had to hop off and board another. Felt very unorganised

Kevin 5 months

Some trouble to get the engine started. But in the end... all good!

Sophanna 5 months

Good service.

Traveller 60313 5 months

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