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Cindy 16 days

Traveller 240138 30 days

Tim about 1 month

The air was standing. No wind. Unbelievable hot inside the ferry. I was grateful when we reached our destination.

Imre Torok about 1 month


Good choice! about 1 month

On time, safe, friendly and helpfull staff. We definitely recommend this.

Max Thornton about 1 month

Very bad experience. Old ferries + generally poor customer service. They overbook all their ferries partly because their online system doesn't integrate properly. We were supposed to leave Koh Rong at 12, but we ended up leaving 4 hours late. Never again.

Traveller 237550 about 2 months

Thomas Kelly about 2 months

Excellent and reliable service

Asnate 2 months

My second trip with this company. I must have arrived at the hotel pickup point too late and the shuttle had left already. The company put me in taxi so I could catch the bus that was stuck in traffic. Amazing military operation on their behalf. Impressed

Sabina 3 months

A brilliant service! I was a bit worried initially because I was booking online remotely but I needn't have. It was a great service! Punctual super friendly! Highly recommend

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