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Traveller 301696 1 day

My booking is VIP van not bus they transit me by mini bus 😌

Traveller 148185 2 days

ម៉ាសុីនត្រជាក់ មិនត្រជាក់

Ryan 3 days

Your mobile app doesn’t work. I can’t register myself on your app.

Traveller 303356 7 days

Sotha 8 days

Good service with convenient price

Traveller 222010 8 days

very nice

Mom 9 days

Punctuality is good. The driver is helpful except that he is using mobile non-stop. As a driver, the company should instruct him NOT USING MOBILE while driving. He should at least uses an earphone so that he does not need to keep looking/reading his phone

Heiko 11 days

Fair prices, not overcharged like many other transportation companies in Cambodia. Service was good, one free water, van left and arrived on time, space inside the van was okay but could be uncomfortable for tall people.

Traveller 298003 12 days

Traveller 298003 12 days

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