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Traveller 90074 3 days

SW 5 days

SW 5 days

All good

Traveller 198989 8 days

Please fix the boarding point address on map 8 days

I hardly have any problems travelling on buses in Cambodia. However, this time the boarding point as shown on the confirmation email AND on the booking website were different! I was not sure where I had to go! The operator didn't speak English either.

Traveller 195137 9 days

Traveller 165966 10 days

Claudi 10 days

Bravo for the driver! We arrive well on time with enough stops for going to bathroom and eating rest. The road was not always easy but we arrive perfect!

Lon 11 days

Driver pick up some people on the way to poi pet, some people is drunk and talk not polite to me. I only one girl, so I stop on the way, haven't reached the destination yet.

Traveller 198746 13 days

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