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Traveller 100384 4 months

Nikki 6 months

Steffi 6 months

We left 1 hour too late- instead of 12.45pm it was 1.45pm, so we came into the rush hour of Phnom Penh and it didn’t take us 4 hours like it said, but almost 6 hours!!! And the driver turned up the aircondition so bad and therefore it was ice cold!

S 6 months

Total scam, the "office" was a junkyard with two shirtless men playing pool. A man told us he was the driver and asked the borrow my phone - I told him no. We were then we were forced on another bus - so didn't end up with this company. Absolute crap

cm 7 months

Meant to be a VIP bus?? Does this stand for Vehicle in poor condition? There were no seatbelts on the back seats, no air con on a 30 degree 3 hour journey and fairly rude driver

Rachel Gwyther 7 months

Traveller 84522 7 months

Chum Sodami 7 months

This company so fu** bad with driver no response. Car old. Driver so rude!!!! . Don’t use this company.

Katrien Tielt 7 months

Booked minivan got ordinary bus. 1 hour late departure. Took 7 hours instead of 3. Driver did not take fastest road. Paid double price via internet. Avoid.

Janne 7 months

We booked a VIP van Sihanoukville to Kampot at 1.30 pm and did not leave until 3pm. Seemed like it never intended to leave at 1.30 at all. We talked to CTT to get out money back and the lady on the phone was screaming at me. Horrible customer service!

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