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Fra 6 months

CTT 6 months

None of the seats had working seatbelts. Something that should be a given.

Ye 6 months

It says 4 hours but actually it’s 5. The bus stopped in Kampot for 30 mins waiting for Two passengers

Jimmy 6 months

Nick 6 months

Bus left on time and arrived early. Ac was not working very well so I was sweating buckets but other than that was a good ride. Driver was a bit aggressive like most bus drivers here but not too insane. Better than expectations after most reviews

Dymong Ong 6 months

Ali 6 months

It would be nice to be contacted via email if there are delays. I don’t have a phone number for cambodia so I could t be reached. I could have made different plans during the day had I known. Now I’m worried about the bus I’ve scheduled for tomorrow.

Thomas 6 months

- Nice driver, he use a lot the horn :-) - no AC climatisation, it's a pity. We was in an old bus without confort

Glen 6 months

Driver was very friendly but a vary erratic driver. I drive for a living normally and even I felt uneasy for a lot of the trip. The air con didn't really work so we were roasted until the sun started to go down. Alright trip for 4 dollars I suppose.

try another company 6 months

If you are not on a schedule and not in a rush, this company and their van will get you from A to B. But as we had to catch the flight, it was dissapointing to see the service level, had 2 hours delay. There was no wifi not bottled water provided.

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