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Dareth Leng almost 4 years

Dan almost 4 years

Samnim Ny almost 4 years

I've booked a VIP van from Phnom Penh to KOH KONG but what disapoint is it turn out to be a 25 seats bus. Is that how the booking work. Hornestly i am a regurlar custormer and i didnt knoww what to comment on this. Just a peace of shit.

តេង ហ៊ុន​ហាប់​ almost 4 years

Dareth Leng almost 4 years

Sean almost 4 years

Excellent experience. Very reasonable accommodation for extra large bags, I bought extra seat which was fair. Driver drove well, never felt at risk which is extremely rare in Cambodia transportation. Highly recommend

Traveller 54546 almost 4 years

Traveller 56973 almost 4 years

Souming Oeng almost 4 years

Rosie almost 4 years

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