Traveler reviews for E.Express Cambodia

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Ny Samnim almost 4 years

Will ride this again

PuRern almost 4 years

Fast & Convenient

Cheng Kethaung almost 4 years

Meri about 4 years

Bus left on time, had plenty of stops for bathroom/snacks and made very good time getting to destination. Would very happily take again.

Sam about 4 years

The bus was relatively new but its air con was broken half my journey to Koh Kong. The van almost hit another minivan which made the experience very unpleasant for everyone on board.

SW about 4 years

SW about 4 years

Léonie about 4 years

Some problems at the departure but the travel was alright, a few stops on the way.

Eav Dolla about 4 years

US tourist about 4 years

Left right on time, 14 seater v. omfortable, arrived PP 15 min early, good driver. Overall excellent and efficient service.

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