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PP almost 2 years

Did not have seat belts, was driving over the speed limit not following traffic rules

Xavier almost 2 years

Book some extra time, one hour and a half minimum. Because of the state of the roads, it is impossible to make this route in 3 hours. Except that, the trip was great.

Vireak Chay almost 2 years

Traveller 93890 almost 2 years

Scott almost 2 years

Great trip, ran on time, good stops for snacks and the toilet. Just a little cramped if you're tall

arrived safe finally almost 2 years

the driver didnt have any english skills. he picked up and dropped ther guests on the way, so the trip took more than 4 hours. wifi didnt work in the minibus.

Chum Sodami almost 2 years

Very good service

KAMPOT EXPRESS almost 2 years

All good.

Martina almost 2 years

The driver is good and on time but the car air conditioner is so bad😭

Anthony Kent almost 2 years

Note i do not know what ‘inspector’ means and neither anyone else. Road condition extremely poor. We felt unsafe. Aircon did not work well. Loud Cambodian pop music. Do not recommend this service

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