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Easy, comfortable journey. 11 days

This is not an easy route to drive. Our driver was on time, cleanly dressed, the van was clean in and out, everyone (2 tourists and 9 locals) was polite. Our driver remembered where to drop us off. It was a bumpy road and let's just say he made good time!

Markus 12 days

Bad support when you have wrong ticket ordered, only 70% refund if u cancel a booking...! Even one week before using the Bus.

Vladimira 20 days

Good company, departure and arrival (almost) on time. Nice and comfortable van with wifi.

Unexpected time change 20 days

I reserved 2:00pm bus a few days ago. But on the day they asked me to take 1:00pm bus instead, which was unpleasent.

Iwona 21 days

Driver was driving like crazy, we bumpped into another car on the way. Horrible exepriance!

Shahrol about 1 month

Overall is OK. Van ar departured on time. So far i like the service by Kampot Express except the wifi on board was On/Off intermittenly.

Lawrence about 1 month

My first time using this company, I have used Mekong Express in the past with Nice comfortable seating and good driving over some pretty rough stretches of road. Punctual and courteous. Recommended.

Nic about 2 months

Do not catch the Kampot express. I was surprised we made it to Phnom Penh without being involved in an accident. The driver took too many risks passing long lines of traffic. The bus had no seat belts and the driver a disregard for safety.

Sovichet Tep 3 months

SONG 3 months

Back seat was quite uncomfortable as the seats were high up and the space was little. But #9 and #10 was a lot better! Drivers were very skillful so took only a little over 3h. Also satisfied with pick up service from the hotel I stayed :-)

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