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Al 4 days

No seatbelts!

Traveller 51404 4 days

Traveller 65268 6 days

Catherine 12 days

Nice travel, good seats and arrived on time!

Sylvain 16 days

Carly 22 days

Arrival of the bus was late , didn’t leave the city until 5.40pm , be mindful with the ‘5pm’ bus traffic is horrific so took us 1.5 hours to get out of the city (not at all the buses fault) but advertising it as a 3 hour bus is unrealistic.

Traveller 5346 23 days

A/C not work and we all felt like hell and almost passed out. Such a bad experience and the company must be so something about this but nothing.

Farlotti 26 days

A little bit late but there was a lot of people on the road. Maybe a little too much of stop (3)

Traveller 34954 29 days

-driver usually talked phone -seat not comfort and smell so bad -air-con too hot

Traveller 34954 29 days

-The seat are not comfortable and smell so bad.

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