Traveler reviews for Kampot Express

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Tola 8 days

H.Z. 10 days

Air conditioner is bad.

Mick 20 days

Fast and comfortable

Mark 2 months

Set off on time & arrived on time. And the driver was safe by Cambodian standards : )

Jan 3 months

Departure on time, arrival as well! Three hours as expected. No chaos during boarding and the booked seat was realy booked. So far, the best bus transportation company I met in Cambodia!

Tata 3 months

Overall service is great. The Van left 4 min ealrier & arrived as per plan. Except the nonalignment between Bookmebus & service operator on seat booking. My booked seat has been confirmed while I was asked to change seat once I arrived at the station.

Susan Morris 3 months

I had seat no. 15 and was very cramped. Also, I was on the side of the mini-van with sun shining. It was so hot, the air con was not sufficient. No water was provided.

Dutch solo traveller 3 months

Quick ride, however don’t book the first row. It lacks lag space.

Djbelly 3 months

Not the VIP standard of bus in picture, very cramped on the back seats.

Jessica 4 months

Great trip! No issues. Stopped for a bathroom break halfway through. Very timely and comfortable. Thank you!

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