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Lukas 4 months

Traveller 234723 4 months

Suzanne 5 months

New and clean van with good ac setting (not too hot, not too cold), safe driving and minimum stops, arrival on time.

Traveller 198364 5 months

Friendly staff smoothly trip recommend to use this transportation

Louise 5 months

0 5 months

0 5 months

MJW 5 months

(Continued) Passengers were crammed in around vegetables. We had to sit on our bags. Consistently drove a terrifying 100km/hr into oncoming traffic to pass every vehicle. Picked up more passengers for 10k riel each, packing us in more. Arrived late.

MJW 5 months

After boarding, driver disappeared for 45 minutes while passengers sat with van running. A few Khmer passengers complained to the station staff, but no one did anything. Van was packed to the ceiling with vegetables that fell on us. No room for bags.

Ludas 5 months

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