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Modified schedule due to low capacity 7 months

I booked for 9:30am to go from Kampot to Phnom Penh. Due to low capacity, the booking was changed to 8:30am. The company called many times and we finally connected. It wasn't a big deal for me and I am glad they power called me about the change.

Traveller 95184 7 months

Roman Seidl 7 months

Harry 7 months

The bus did leave late at 12:30, when 11:45 was the original time. However I was informed around 9am that morning of the case, so I was happy with the communication from the team. 4 stars, good service overall, but arrived destination 1hour late.

Punctual- 20 mim delay for customer pickup 7 months

After leaving the station, the driver waited 20 mins for another person. That's not fair to the other passengers. If someone is late, the driver should leave. You may want to consider the respect of other people's time who show up on time.


We are very choked by the behaviour of the driver who did not want to take us to Kep pretenting not to understand english. Between Kampot and Kep he put his music very loud to show us he was not happy to take us to our paid destination.

Traveller 168957 8 months

Bob 8 months

Bus was about 35 minutes late with pick-up. Driver was going very fast/some stops were clearly not scheduled. While normally, very good service, company does need to pay attention to drivers And, if late with pickup, please inform customers.

Bob 8 months

Excellent service. First quality transport. Highly recommend

Heng Seangly 8 months


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