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Peter Phoeng about 2 years

I really felt unsafe with the driver. He was swerving a lot and kept pressing in the gas. It was a terrible driving experience. Please teach him to drive better and consider the passengers.

Martin over 2 years

Nice new Ford minibus. The seats are a bit cramped and they don't recline, which is probably a good thing. The driver was fast but not scary except on occasions when tailgating. What would have been a quick drive was slowed by cargo stops some lengthy.

Jared over 2 years

The driver made sure everyone got the correct seat. It was very good!

Traveller 136594 over 2 years

អ្នកបើកឡានម៉ោង 1:30 ពីភ្នំពេញ ទៅកំពតសម្តីអាក្រក់ណាស់ម្តងជាពីរដង និយាយដូចមានគុំនុំជាមួយភ្ញៀវ ជិះហើយមិនចង់ជិះទៀត 🙂លេខអ្នកបើក092891313

On time, but terrible smell and no water over 2 years

Driver was ok and we arrived punctual, but in the bus they were transporting tons of Durians and other suff that smelled too much and my girlfriend threw up more than once. Also no water was provided even though BookmeBus said there would be.

Jen over 2 years

The departure time was moved 30mins late but that's ok bc they informed us. Then we had to wait another 30mins for a reason they did not explain. The driver kept using his phone during the trip and not for maps. No social distancing inside the van.

Mossen over 2 years

Passenger 1 over 2 years

This was the 3rd time in a row that the leaving time was changed after I purchased the ticket.

Mossen over 2 years

Sana over 2 years

Great, driver was nice

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