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Bjoern Lehmann over 3 years

Very good over 3 years

Very comfortable and new vehicle which made the journey comfortable. We made one stop which allowed people to grab a snack or a drink and use the toiler. We left and arrive on time.

Bjoern Lehmann over 3 years

Sreylin Meng over 3 years

Traveller 89918 over 3 years

So hot

Mic over 3 years

Driver was speeding a lot and drove on largely unpaved roadside ditches.

Lili over 3 years

Shiv over 3 years

It was kind of crammed for such a long shuttle and had no recline. But the shuttle departed on time and the driver was pleasant.

Sineat Ran over 3 years

Sineat Ran over 3 years


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