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As over 1 year

Good service

Josh over 1 year

Nice driving

Vincent over 1 year

We booked and paid for a VIP VAN, but had to sit in the front of a tiny van, with an improvised 1,5 seat (we are quite tall). Ride would take 7 hrs. So we refused and after some argument we were put in the right van, which was perfectly fine.

Alex over 1 year

I was rather disappointed as on your website i chose seat#2...i end up getting should include the seat is not guarenteed when we choose one...driver very aggressive..3 vehicles wide on highway..back door opened dropping luggage onto highway..

It's an okay ride over 1 year

We went to siem reap from pp and it was actually okay. Not enough leg room for sure but the bus and the driver were fine. We had 2 stops for comfort and the only thing that he didn't say to foreigners how long the stop is. So we were confused. Overall ok

Josh over 1 year

Was nice driving.didn't get very tired.

Alex over 1 year

I booked seat 2 through your website...i ended up with seat 6..very should include the seat choice is not guarenteed next to seat choice on website...maybe its in fine print, im not sure

Larryta Express? No way! over 1 year

It was the worst trip ever! The driver was totally insane and at the free-way he drove so fast that parts were falling of the car and he had to stop and pick them up. Most of the time he was on the wrong side of the road. Never again Larryta Express

Simon almost 2 years

Seth almost 2 years

Fews errors: pass our seat to other passagers untill we asked them to change, said our hotel is out of pick up zone which is okay later when we called, random passagers make noises and play music out loud and any staff pay no mind to that whatsoever.

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