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Montanna about 22 hours

Excellent. Will definately book again.

Ee Kah Chian 5 days


Ee Kah Chian 5 days


Kuba 6 days

Traveled PP-SHK right before PchumBen holiday at 7.30am so expected some delays. Rode in new Ford van very comfortable. Driver was good and careful. A lot of traffic going out of city due to holidays.Took 6 hours to arrive to SHK. A bit slow but safe.

Khin Kanika 7 days

The car that drove me back was too old, the air-condition didn't work; therefore, I sweated from Siemreap to PP. You should fix it.

Me 7 days

Khmer 9 days

Worse than average by Cambodian standards. I arrived at departure terminal 15 min early and saw 2 vans pull away early, with no communication with inside staff. Ended up taking another bus 45 min later. At least they provide bottled water and a towel

Rosepisey 10 days

We left late but the ride was ok. Driver drove nicely and safe.

Veng Chhaykheang 20 days

Remi 20 days

very comfortable trip! a bit cold in the van though so think about taking a sweater!

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