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Seth 4 days

Fews errors: pass our seat to other passagers untill we asked them to change, said our hotel is out of pick up zone which is okay later when we called, random passagers make noises and play music out loud and any staff pay no mind to that whatsoever.

GLRF 4 days

Good service, arrived 30 mins early even with stops on the way to collect passengers further from city, enough time for breaks, not really enough room for 20kg bags per person

Pleasant drive 2 months

It was over before we knew :) WiFi, airo was all there!

Gaia 3 months

Great service, prompt arrival, great experience 3 months

Absolutely top notch trip - only possible complaint was the restroom cleanliness at the first stop, but the company itself went above and beyond with a courteous driver, early arrival, and amenities at the drop off point. Highly recommend them.

Marta 4 months

I recommend for everybody i will recommend your company in my travel blog

K T Aung 4 months


Dorie 4 months

We made four stops along the way and 30 minutes lunch break, I understand picking others up at different locations but no need to stop for lunch.

Blahblah 5 months

Safe ride, our phnom penh - siem reap trip was just 5 hours. liked the fact the driver makes safe the bus is kept clean by not allowing strong-smelling foods onboard.

Starbuck 5 months


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