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Time and charactor 15 days

Departure late 30 mins and driver charactor and speaking not very pleased. A guy interviewed info about covid has unusaul attitude (rude body languadge).

Sr 3 months

Good overall except driver drove abit unstablely.

John 3 months

In overall, the trip was fun and good

martin 3 months

both ways the ac has not been working - super hot

Pawel 3 months

The best company in KH at the moment. They have good waiting rooms, new cars, they care about cleanliness, drivers drive safely, they are on time. Sometimes pick up passengers from other parts of the city and waiting for them but there isn’t company fault

lywoo 4 months

Seat is a little uncomfortable.

Nick 4 months

The car has no air conditioning and how could the company act as nothing happens? I won’t use BookMeBus anymore.

Ketia 4 months

Van number 11 AC too HOT

Traveller 130590 4 months

I think, the best company at the moment which provides transportation between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

ភិរុណ ធន់ 4 months

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