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S.C.K 7 days

We departed 6 minutes late and arrived two hours late. The new mini van is in a good condition but the AC wasn't cool enough. I will think twice next time if I need to take this VIP van.

Cris 8 days


Cris 9 days


chimi 14 days

Nangi 25 days

The trip was faster than expected, it was a smooth ride.

Pierre about 1 month

Good driver, he was able to recover the time lost at the exit of Sihanoukville.

Belle about 2 months

marga kamps 3 months

A Really bad driver who took unnecessary risks with weaving through traffic. We had TWO near miss accidents where all the passengers had to hold on to their seats!!!! Most unsafe was that he used his cellphone a lot....real bad!! Driving too fast too

Brie 3 months

Was almost an hour late for pickup. The van was very small with no room for bags. Had to keep them under our legs and have no leg room. We were lucky to have packed light. They should put a limit on the time at stops. People took a long very time.

Catherine 3 months

I highly recommend this company. I was in late to catch my bus and they accepted to change my ticket 10min prior departure via email. The driver and all the staff were really kind and the mini van very comfy. We even arrived in advance!

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