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Passenger about 6 hours

The lady collecting passports in the bus said because I have e-visa I must pay 5 dollars or my passport will be kept at the border.She couldn’t explain in English why I need to pay any extra money, she was rude and unprofessional. I do not recommend

Fabien about 7 hours

Anna about 10 hours

It was good.

Antonio Díaz about 10 hours

The company was good. But there is something dark in the aduana check. We know that the real cost for the entrance to Cambodia is 30$ and the driver and “his friends” make bussines charging 35$. What think the Mekong Express about that?

Bon about 12 hours

The AC doesnt work at all and it super hot from kampot to PP. Please fix it

Nathen about 12 hours

Everything ok. The inspector was terrible, she argued over the state of a $20 bill asking for another & that we need to exchange it & when at the border we were sent to the back of the queue by the guard she asked us why we're late and told us to hurry up

J about 12 hours

The driver was good, safe etc however the bus was unclean (there were fruit seeds on the ledge next to my seat from a previous passenger) and the back of the bus was hot and smelt strongly of exhaust fumes.

- about 14 hours

It was a really great experience I did not expect to have.

Liam Flaherty about 15 hours

Bus for the second time did not reach its destination, this time again the clutch broke but at least we made it to Phnom Penh, the last time I went the bus broke down 2km before the ferry 5 years ago we had to walk, would not recommend this company

Ben about 15 hours

2 hours late on the first journey and then over an hour on the return. No WiFi, no water

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