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Raymart about 18 hours

Very comfortable and very accomodating. Thanks to the the man and lady for making us feel we're home by the buses..

anonymous 1 day

Louie Mandi 1 day

Emerald_Traveller 2 days

This is our third experience with Mekong Express and we’ve had a good experience each time! Solid A/C, bus snack and water, one stop off point, met all expectations!

Renato Ciammaruconi 3 days

Ishwar 3 days

I was not provided with the seat I had booked. Also, the bus reached an hour late

AJD 3 days

The bus ride as well as the immigration process (both for exiting HCM and entering Cambodia) were very smooth. The driver went for the "safe speed" while the bus attendant attends to the passengers' needs as much as she can. Overall, it was great!

Taffjones 4 days

The scheduled departure time is 1hr later than the time I booked, but there was no email or call so we were waiting in the depot for 90 minutes before we could board. The bus had bad AC and no Wi-fi, and the seats we booked were filled with luggage.

Beth 4 days

We booked online, selecting seats and got an amendment from selected seats to other seats pretty swiftly. Which would have been fine except the seat was double booked. To fit us in, we were sat on backless pullout seats in the aisle which was unpleasant

Ashlee Cruz 5 days

Everything went smoothly, two thumbs up 😊👍🏻👍🏻

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