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Hideeki AOKI 14 minutes

R.5 under construction. As a first-time traveler, Company should provide information on the road situation so that it can be understood (in advance) when boarding. Some youth groups are noisy. Compay should be alerted to speak quietly (when they call)

Traveller 38518 about 7 hours

Good comfortable bus and left on time. We travelled from Kampot- Phnom Penh took longer than stated but this is to be expected in Cambodia with the road conditions and traffic

Markecho about 17 hours

I travel back and forth, from HCMC to Phnom Penh at least once a month and I always book with Mekong. This trip was the very best trip I have experienced by taking a bus. There was absolutely nothing wrong!

Rodney Monroe about 20 hours

The bus honks his horn for extra safety, since you horn complainers know nothing about Southeast Asia traffic just put some headphones on and relax Mekong express is the best with the best drivers,

Rodney C Monroe about 21 hours

Mekong express is the best , I use them for the 5 years I’ve lived in Southeast Asia, mostly Phnom Penh to Saigon and back , the drivers are kind and the buses are clean and on time, I love me,omg express it’s by far the best bus service is Southeast Asia

Soth Bun Heng 2 days

Li Ratana 3 days

Overall, it is okay. But for the route PNH-SHV and Kampot, you should change the travelling duration as road and traffic conditions now take us longer than before. It took me 7hrs from PNH to SHV.

Pascal CALEBOUT 4 days

Phea 5 days


Traveller 36103 5 days

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