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Michi 1 day

Marcus 1 day

Journey was terrible for first half as the road was completely in a state of repair for the first two+ hours.

Traveller 66146 1 day


Traveller 65106 2 days

Aircon in car is nit working at all

P 2 days

The departure was late 30min. They sent bus instead of minivan. The bus tyres were worn. The bus break down after a few kilometer and need to wait long for the replacement bus. It is not the conpany fault but roadworks. So a 3 hour journey become 7 hour

C 2 days

Terrible trip. I got dissapointed of Mekong express.

Traveller 53603 3 days

Bob Jones 3 days

POV LY 3 days

Marcus Long 3 days

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