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Asha 11 minutes

The driver drove carefully and it never felt unsafe, unlike other bus companies I have experienced in my travels in Cambodia. The bus also left on time which again I was quite surprised by as I have had different experience with other companies.

Traveller 46084 1 day

Terry 1 day

Excellent service from check in to drop off.

Kemi 1 day

Nice ride

Traveller 79306 2 days

David 2 days

When I booked I was under the impression that we would be picked up at Hotel(Billybong) as in past. We received a weak excuse that you were not picking up because of the Ester Festival which was over. Also I thought the bus had a toilet which it did not.

jen 2 days

bus: outdated, no wifi. The "inspector" tried to scam me to pay an extra $2 per person to "help" process my evisa at immigration. I said no, he said if I take too long, bus will leave me. I paid for your service to be THREATENED to be left behind. 1 star.

Girlita 2 days

Charging ports are not working but the bus crew helped me to charge my phone so all good. Good service!

Noman 3 days

Good driver and arrived 1 hour earlier (due to low traffic since it was the last day of the water festival?). Still would have preferred the driver not using his mobile phone, especially not reading messages, while driving.

Traveller 79100 3 days

Driver was using his smartphone too much while driving.

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