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Traveller 77175 3 months

Sandy Ri 5 months

I was allowed to book online and only found out the day of when I called that the company is no longer running during Covid. Why would you allow someone to book knowing you aren't running currently? I am still waiting for a refund. No one is responding.

Ronj 5 months

I was not able to use the service because of Covid19 situation

Traveller 4709 5 months

Traveller 75424 7 months

Traveller 75424 7 months

Puthisak 7 months

Good service and safe driving

Lorenzo 7 months

The driver doesn't know that he can keep his foot on the accelerator instead constantly press and release the accelerator. 2 hours dalay on the arrival time

Carol 7 months

I cancelled my trip to Phnom Penh

Frank 7 months

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