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Tea Sok Lang almost 5 years


優獅々堀 almost 5 years

Tyty Hour almost 5 years

Traveller 60424 almost 5 years

Kathi almost 5 years

We waited more than one hour in the lobby of our hotel.The TUKTUK driver did not pick us up on time so we missed our bus-had to chase the bus with the tuktuk.air conditioner did not work. The guy on the bus didn‘t speak English. No recommendation from us.

Traveller 33679 almost 5 years

T.K almost 5 years

Traveller 39087 almost 5 years

The driver was nice. However, I feel a bit sad and uncomfortable when the driver always stops and carry some passengers along the way. I think he needs money, but he needs to make sure it is not annoy other passengers. Small kids sometimes keep crying. :(

Traveller 47835 almost 5 years

It’s good

Traveller 4631 about 5 years

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