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Amanda C. 5 days

Again, Bookmebus, PLEASE update your departure/arrival location for Mey Hong in Siem Reap! They are no longer using the Siem Reap bus station but rather their own office much closer to town.

Tesnier 6 days

Very good trip

Traveller 93529 7 days

Traveller 93529 7 days

After advance booking, company changed from more expensive bus to a cheaper bus without notification. Bus is clean but looks old.

Traveller 41371 7 days

Traveller 158581 10 days

Traveller 294875 10 days

Amanda C. 11 days

Although Bookmebus showed departure from the Siem Reap bus station, it seems Mey Hong is now leaving from their office on NR6 closer to town. The driver had to detour to pick me up at the bus station. Please update the departure location on your site. :-)

Dexter 11 days

Bus ride all perfect. Comfortable ride. The location of departure needs to be changed on the email - went to Siem Reap bus station - almost missed the bus.

0 12 days

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